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Here are some of the common questions we hear for our customers. Contact us if they do not answer your query.
Will you come and quote our hail damage for free?
If it is an insurance claim and we have been authorised by your insurer we will come and assess and quote your vehicle at no cost to you. However, this service will be suspended during a hail storm event due to volume.
There was a major hail storm, will you quote and fix my vehicle at my home or office?
Unfortunately due to the high numbers of vehicles damaged, we would ask you to bring your vehicle to an assessment centre and drop it off for repairs.
Will my hail damage be more than my excess?
In most cases hail damage far exceeds excess. It is very rare that hail damage will be less than an excess and this is why hail damage is included in your insurance policy.
Can every dent be repaired using the paintless dent repair method?
No, this is one of the reasons we request photos. There are many factors and a photo is worth a thousand words.
What do you repair?
We only repair minor door dings and light hail damage. We DO NOT do any painting, scratches or bumper bar repair.
Can you come to us and do a quote?
The only on site quotes we preform are hail damage quotes when it is an insurance claim.
For door dents and other minor dents we request photos with your suburb.

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Stephanie 5star


A very professional worker! Fixed every little hail damage dent in my car.. looks brand new!! Highly recommend!!

Anthony 5star


Very professional ! Did outstanding work fixing the hail damage on my mitsubishi lancer. By far the cheapest. Would recommend to everyone i know!

Indianna 5star


Im super happy with the work done on my Pajero Sport this morning. Looks like my brand new car again... Would highly recommend

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