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Paintless Dent Repairs Brisbane


Here are some of the common questions we hear for our customers. Contact us if they do not answer your query.
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Will you come to me to repair my car?
Absolutely! All we need is a shady spot like a garage or carport to perform the repair!
Can I claim on insurace?
Sure can! Hail damage repairs are usually put through insurance when the damage exceeds the excess. If you are insured for hail damage it is extremely straight forward.
How long is the warranty on repair?
Lifetime. Because paintless dent repair is non-invasive, all paint and panel are as original as it was pre-damage.
What is PDR or paintless dent repair/removal?
The short answer is: it is a craft. Imagine you have a can of Coke and that can is dented. Now imagine putting a chopstick inside the can and massaging the dent out to original shape. Sound easy? Dents do not just “pop” out. Special lighting, rods, bars and tools are used behind the panel to massage the dent out slowly and carefully. It takes years of patience and practice.

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Stephanie 5star


A very professional worker! Fixed every little hail damage dent in my car.. looks brand new!! Highly recommend!!

Anthony 5star


Very professional ! Did outstanding work fixing the hail damage on my mitsubishi lancer. By far the cheapest. Would recommend to everyone i know!

Indianna 5star


Im super happy with the work done on my Pajero Sport this morning. Looks like my brand new car again... Would highly recommend

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